us army corps of engineers/cerl surtreat

10-year review by corrpro (aegion corporation)

commissioned by the national institute of building sciences

SURTREAT Corrosion Inhibitor Report.
SURTREAT Corrosion Performance Evaluation by Corrpro
SURTREAT Corrosion Inhibitor Evaluation Ordered by US Navy (NAVFAC)
SURTREAT Reduces Corrosion of the Imbedded Rebar in Concrete.
List of Testing Equipment Used By Corrpro during SURTREAT Evaluation.
National Institute of Building Science ( SURTREAT Testing
Bridges using SURTREAT Corrosion Inhibitors Including VCI.
NAVFAC Testing of the Bridges.
SURTREAT Increases Concrete Strength.
NASA - SURTREAT Corrosion Reducing Coating is Evaluated.
Galvanic NASA Coating used by Surtreat Holding, LLC to inhibit Corrosion on a Warehouse Beam.
SURTREAT Reduces Concrete Permeability.
SURTREAT Increases Concrete pH
SURTREAT Extract Water Soluble Chlorides.
Chlorude reduced due to SURTREAT Application.
Corrosion of Rebar is Inhibited Due to SURTREAT Application.

VCI Coatings™ - patent pending.

VCI Coatings is an Extension of SURTREAT Technology.