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VCI Coatings, LLC is a technology company dedicated to the development of the cost effective higher quality protection for steel structures.


NASA VCI Coatings Technology Transfer Cooperation

                                                                                                                                                        BRINGING NASA TECHNOLOGY DOWN TO EARTH

primer stops corrosion without requiring rust removal

The world is made out of bad concrete and rusty steel, and corrosion is the primary cause of deterioration of our infrastructure,” says Bob Walde, vice president of technology for Surtreat Holding LLC. The problem, he says, is that engineers tend to try to stop corrosion by physical means that address the symptoms but not the underlying causes. “Corrosion is an electrochemical process, and it can be inhibited by changing the chemical environment around the steel.” Read the full article on NASA website...


Corrosion Resistant Coating for Metal Surfaces US 14/757,110 and EU 14/820187.4 - Patent Pending


vci coatings - superior steel surface protection

VCI Coatings are Applied to Rust Covered Surfaces



Installers love the ease of application. Extremely user friendly VCI Coatings paint primers are a breeze to apply with a paint brush or most of the common makes of the commercial grade spray equipment.

Durability of VCI Coatings Corrosion Inhibitors



VCI Coatings are created with the addition of the VCI Agent. On projects where the remnants of iron oxide are difficult to remove corrosion inhibitor permeates through the rust easily preventing further oxidation.

VCI Coatings are Brush or Sparay Applied to Corroded or Clean Steel Surfaces



The addition of the VCI Agent to proven durable commercial grade primers and coatings increases performance by creating additional level of protection and reducing operator maintenance cost.



Steel structures from the Golden Gate Bridge to patio furniture are in a constant cycle of maintenance being susceptible to the elements. Zinc-rich primers are full of holes... pinholes that is. Difficult to apply correctly as well as demanding with respect to surface preparation they are often an illusion of the corrosion barrier they advertise.


VCI Coatings offers superior protection through the use of the proven (MIL-DTL-24441/20A (SH)) epoxy primer combined with the benefits of the VCI technology.


VCI Agent added to the military grade epoxy allows the system to continue functioning as specified even when the conditions are less than ideal. Flexible surface preparation schedule and the ability of the VCI primer to continue to provide corrosion protection even if violated makes it the most cost effective solution for steel structure maintenance.


Easy, forgiving application makes it the favorite among contractors.



VCI Coatings Application to Steel Structure. No rust Removal is Necessary.
  • The VCI Coatings anti-corrosion steel primers are made by the addition of a vapor phase migratory corrosion inhibitor (VCI Agent) to existing coating formulations.





  •  Two part polyamide epoxy primers containing the VCI Agent are for sale to qualified contractors from VCI Coatings, LLC.


  •  VCI Agent concentrates are offered to paint manufactures under a License Agreement.


kta-tator vci coatings test report

"Two coating materials, each with and without the addition of a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI), were tested by KTA. There was no decrease in tensile adhesion strength properties for either coating material due to the addition of the VCI agent. Addition of the VCI agent to the MIL-DTL-24441 primer resulted in a measurable reduction in the degree of coating failure observed at the “X” scribed areas on both the rusted and white metal substrates. The MIL-DTL-24441 primer with VCI agent provided better resistance to corrosion than the
Sherwin-Williams zinc phosphate primer with respect to both rust creepage and overall degree of rusting..." Read full copy of the report...


Since 1989 a variation of the VCI agent has been used successfully by SURTREAT HOLDING, LLC as part of its technology to inhibit and prevent corrosion in steel reinforced concrete structures.


Hundreds of projects have been completed by SURTREAT HOLDING, LLC with utmost success. One of the numerous examples is reflected in the 10-year review performed by Corrpro (a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation), commissioned by the National Institute of Building Sciences (nibs.org). The project was originally developed in 2006 through the joint efforts of SURTREAT HOLDING, LLC and the US Army Corps of Engineers/CERL at US Army/Navy facilities in Okinawa, Japan. Read full copy of the report...


VCI Coatings performance Reduced Maintenance Cost.

VCI Coatings™ - patent pending.